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The travel costs for some of the top foreign destinations in my bucket list have increased drastically. I am trying to play it safe by keeping my travel funds in a less volatile investment than stock funds, but it is not working in the short run."In addition to tapping their investments, posters shared other creative ideas for funding travel. Retitr4fun and fellow investment-club members are using their profits to pay for trips, for example. "I started an investment club with 10 people in 1989," this poster wrote. "There are 7 of us left and last year we decided to start spending our savings/profits on travel, so we don't at this point have to take major travel expenses out of our other fixed income or retirement funds…. It's great to have contributed a relatively small amount monthly to our investment club for all those years to now have it available for travel."Several readers noted that they expect to spend more on travel early on in retirement than in their later years, and they've budgeted accordingly.Audreyh1 shared, "When we were getting ready to retire, we saved/set aside extra funds in a 'special travel budget' for splurging on travel the first two or three years of retirement.
   This was to take care of the 'pent-up demand.' That worked pretty well. After the first three years, we slowed down to a less frantic travel pace. And, as now experienced travelers, we had learned how to get a lot more bang for the buck."Dennis used the experience of parents to help benchmark travel spending: "I have noticed that our parents stopped their long-distance travel around age 80-82."The Markyarts household has also prioritized travel during the early retirement years: "[W]e've decided that this early phase of retirement will focus on experiences and travel as the largest part of that plan…. We expect to travel for the foreseeable future. When health issues or a change in wants occurs, we will travel less or more modestly. The travel money may well turn into health care money by default."The idea of maintaining a static travel budget that may eventually be used to cover health-care costs was popular.

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